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  The Old Atlanta Chess Center - House of Pain

The Atlanta Chess and Games Center which was also known by locals as "The House of Pain." Visiting Masters often scored poor results and left Atlanta,
not only many rating points lighter, but with a wounded ego.  
Some of the famous Chess VIP's to visit the ACC include Susan Polgar,Aleks Wojtkiewicz, Emory Tate,Carlos Perdomo,Petr Kiriako,Grigoriy Kaprano,
​and Klaus Pohl.


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Capital City & Northwest Florida Open - March 30- 31- Tallahassee
Space Coast Open - April 26 - 28 - Cocoa Beach
The Villages Swiss April 2019 - April 27 - The Villages
GrayKnight March 2019 Scholastic - March 16 - Brunswick, Georgia
17th Annual Southern Class Championships March 15-17 - Orlando
Savannah Chess - March 2 - G/45 d5 - Savannah, Georgia                   
2019 Florida State Scholastic Championship -  March 1 - Orlando